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MAG MRC After Action Reports

This page provides readers with the after action reports for the MAG MRC.  These reports chronicle the efforts, lessons learned, and ideas for continuous improvement.

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Big Blast Theory

The Medical Association of Georgia Medical Reserve Corps [MAGMRC - 20 medical professionals on site] was excited to work with the 116th MDG GAANG [40 NG staff on site] and the many other agencies [Trinity School of Medicine, Central Georgia Technical College, Warner Robins Police and Fire Services, Global Medical Response Air Ambulance, Houston Co Sheriff's Dept Flight Operations] involved in the multi-agency response training. By the MAGMRC assessments there were 272 persons and 4 canines involved in the training at the height of the drill.

The Medical Association of Georgia Medical Reserve Corps (MAG MRC) was placed on alert to be prepared to provide physician support to hurricane refugee shelters in Douglas, Macon, and Columbus.

MAGMRC was tasked with providing volunteer physicians to serve as Medical Evaluators at GEMA’s Mass Vaccination sites at the Delta Museum in Atlanta and their Lake Point site in Cartersville. These volunteers were to be on-site and available to field questions from vaccine recipients regarding the appropriateness of the vaccine in view of their individual conditions including immune compromised conditions, questions from vaccinators, and to provide physician oversight in the event a recipient experienced adverse side effects.

The Medical Association of Georgia Medical Reserve Corps (MAGMRC) medical director John Harvey MD FACS contact by MG Thomas Carden (the Georgia Adjutant General (TAG) occurred March 23, 2020 with a concern that medical response capabilities to novel Corona Virus Covid19 might become overwhelmed by mid-April unless specific medical response capacity was expanded in Georgia. The specific task requests from the Governor’s Task Force were to expand medical manpower availability, to develop mechanisms to respond with medical care provision, and create management structure to novel virus response

In partnership with the Medical College of Georgia (MCG), MAG MRC conducted a day of response training and drill including Stop the Bleed training, Triage Training, and a mass casualty response drill with the purpose of deploying active members as respondents to a simulated disaster event. In addition to testing the skills of our trained deployable members, this event also served as a possible recruitment tool for current MCG medical students, medical residents, and alumni who were attending an alumni event held at the same location and time. All attendees and invited guests were encouraged to participate in the Stop the Bleed training and the Triage training. For the drill portion, as this was an internal drill to test our capabilities, other agencies were invited to watch but not to participate

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