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Join the Medical Association

Join the Medical Association of Georgia (MAG). MAG is the leading voice for physicians in Georgia. When surveyed, 93% of its members said that MAG is the leading voice for physicians in Georgia – while 92% said that it is an effective advocate in the legislative arena.

We require all physicians to join MAG.


Get trained on basic FEMA courses

Complete the following training courses:

  1. Create a FEMA Student Identification number (SID) which you will need to access the FEMA trainings listed below.  To register for an SID go to  (Be sure to retain this number for future reference!) 

  2. IS-909: “Community Preparedness: Implementing Simple Activities for Everyone”

  3. ICS-100 “Introduction to Incident Command System”

  4. ICS-700 “National Incident Management System: An Introduction”

  5. Email electronic copies of your certificates, along with your BLS card, to


Complete Required Forms for State of GA Volunteer Registry

Complete your SERVEGA application at (Click “Register Now” on the far right of the page and follow the instructions)

  1. Under “Volunteer Opportunities” choose...

    • NO on the first option (unless you’d like to volunteer for that too).

    • YES on the second option which includes MRC.

  2. The Organizations tab will be generated.

    • Under select your county, pick “your county” and click “select organization.”

    • Select “Medical Association of Georgia – MAG MRC.”

  3. Under Contact Method 1 be sure to choose mobile phone so that you can get text notifications.

  4. Under Occupation Information choose “medical” then “physician.”



Log into our Volunteer Information Portal at

  1. Register yourself as a volunteer by clicking “Sign Up.”

  2. Once you are approved as a member, you will receive an email notification saying you are now a member.

  3. Re-enter the site and click on “Subscribe” and fill out the form for notifications.

  4. Click on the “Waivers and Forms” section to access and sign the required waivers.

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